Together for sustainability, art and good music!

Dear friends!!!
The 4 of us (Alina, Elias, Nina and Raffi) are organising the ecosocial art and music festival "River Jam" on May 28th close to Scheibbs (Lower Austria) and YOU are invited!
Why green?
Because we: waive plastic, take care of waste seperation, save water and power, print promotional material on recycling basis, support arrival by bike or public transportation (lower ticket price), as well as offer regional vegan/vegetarian organic food and  drinks.


Why social?

Because our goal is to donate a minimum of 1000€ to associations that work on integration of refugees. The sum that remains as total sum will be donated, no matter if more or less than 1000 Euros. It's very important to us to lastingly make a change.


Ticket (arrival by car): 15€
Ticket reduced (arrival by bike/public transport): 10€
Supporting Ticket: 25€

who we are

All 4 of us are currently in a program, called "Environmental Volunteer Year" and work with different companies in Vienna, Upper and Lower Austria. "River Jam" is our joint project, which we develop in the course of our bottom-up-seminars that are included in our program as well.


what matters to us

We decided on developing this project because:

- we love music

- sustainability is important to us

- we want to support musicians/ bands

- we want to encourage the creativity of the individual (see: program)